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The Simpsons Tapped Out User Complied Ideas! (The Ultimate Wishlist)


  • cgerland
    23 posts
    edited January 2014
    How about tasks which give you a bonus or a better animation when done at the same time. For example if you had Snake trying to rob the Kwik-e mart while you had Hans Moleman providing security
  • joshuaadolph
    35 posts
    edited January 2014
    I can't believe that we don't have the simpsons car yet. It is in about every episode.
  • 1VolMan
    210 posts
    edited January 2014
    I admit I haven't read the whole thread, so apologies if already mentioned...

    I would love the ability to use air play to project the game to my appleTV (or PS4 or....whatever). Major cool points if you could see your whole SF and zoom in/out for increased functionality.
  • Larsek43
    2 posts
    edited January 2014
    I can't believe that we don't have the simpsons car yet. It is in about every episode.

    Or Canyonero!!

  • mpwarner
    2971 posts
    edited January 2014
    Larsek43 wrote:
    I can't believe that we don't have the simpsons car yet. It is in about every episode.

    Or Canyonero!!


    Would be awesome if the tune played when you tapped it :mrgreen:
  • kierannasher
    11 posts
    edited January 2014
    A few aspects which would be good if they could be added to the game.
    - Allowing rivers to flow into the sea
    - Maggie as a separate character.
    - Allow cars to park on car-park spaces

    - Thanks (and apologies if they have been said!)

  • L0ukiss
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    edited January 2014
    this was my idea for the Valentines update:

    Everybody wants more characters and everyone's been complaining about lack of women in the game... so the update starts with a few of the characters complaining about how Homer's wife is in the game but their wives aren't with Valentines being around the corner. So just like the Christmas update when you had to collect Gift Cards and Gift Bags for the Valentines Update you have to collect Boxes of chocolates and Bouquets of roses. The Roses you can give to your neighbors just like the Gift Bags, and theyre worth 12 (dozen roses).

    Well just like how we got prizes when we reached certain # of gift cards every so often youd get a new wife. Like Cletus's wife or Dr. Hibberts. There can be a mad Dash like there was when you had to send 50 characters in the Christmas update to find a perfect gift for your lady.

    Obviously the other wives in the game were never really important on the show but this would make sense on how theyd be brought in.

    At the end when all the characters with wives are brought in the single Simpsons men say what about us .. and thats the final challenge, the burlesque house, Maison Derri?re that comes with Belle.

    so we'd get

    Dr. Hibberts Wife -Bernice
    Cletus's Wife- Brandine
    Reverend Lovejoy's wife - Helen
    Apu's wife - Manjula

    And for new buildings wed get the Burlesque house and maybe a flower shop, which i missed but some people have. A candy store. and maybe some kind of jewelry store.

    Not sure what other wives are in the simpsons that i just cant remember right now.

    Upset that i took so long to post this because maybe if i had posted it earlier there wouldve been a chance for it, too late now though I'm sure. But could still happen even without Valentines, just a Quest to find the wives.
  • crashinator7
    2 posts
    edited January 2014
    Donating money/donuts to the friends you have on origin should be put in. You would open up the friends thing, then above/under how many taps you have in their springfield would be a donate button. You tap it and you put in how much you want to donate! :) Please put it in!
  • MattCham
    3 posts
    edited January 2014
    I would like the option to sort friends list in the order of cooldown time remaining.
    For example, some friends are ready for my visit while others are still on cooldown, but they are sorted in random order. I have to search and check 3 friends at a time to see which friends are ready for my visit. It would be nice to sort friends in the order of cooldown time remaining.
  • gavthomson
    192 posts New member
    edited January 2014
    1. New and more character voice samples.
    2. Function to sort neighbours by:

    - Alphabetically
    - DateAdded (as a neighbour)
    - DateTimeLastModified (date & time most recently visited by me)
    - DateTimeVisitedBy (order my neighbours visited me in)
    - NumberOfTimesVisited (by me)
    - NumberOfTimesVisitedBy (by neighbour)
    - NumberOfEventItems (ie. sort by how many goo / GiftCards / eggs my neighbours have)
    - ByLevel
    - ByTimezone
    - AveFrequencyAccessed (how frequently a neighbour logs into their own town)
  • SteD102
    9 posts
    edited January 2014
    What about Poochie to go with Itchy and Scratchy?
  • kevinmoses600
    137 posts
    edited January 2014
    SteD102 wrote:
    What about Poochie to go with Itchy and Scratchy?

    Poochie is already in the game in KL
  • ink19810
    616 posts
    edited January 2014
    How about a gas station or a truck stop..there's all of these cars and fleet o pita's sitting out in the middle of nowhere. I made my own makeshift lot for now

    Also a fire station..
  • ynotbgreen
    64 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    I think it would be a fun surprise if occasionally you got donuts instead of -or in addition to - dollars for completed tasks. You couldn't see in advance...all tasks looked normal when you picked them...but one task from one character would give a bonus when complete. Could be free or premium character. Because of the forum, it might have to be a totally random and frequently changing cycle so that people couldn't let other players know. Or payouts happened at the end of a time period...but only to the players that chose a particular task.
  • irvingjess
    1 posts
    edited January 2014
    What about "*" John? Could have a range of other things to go with that episodes story line. The Gay Steelworks, the reindeer farm, the cigarette billboard, a little Japanese annual gift man that walks around... Hawaiian Bart.

  • marve9999
    2 posts
    edited January 2014
    What if there was a mr burns finale to Christmas where he gathers up all of the bags that were greedily held by players. Perhaps a prize for x amount of gift bags hoarded? Could make a fun storyline.
  • Miidwayz
    28 posts
    edited January 2014
    A few aspects which would be good if they could be added to the game.
    - Allowing rivers to flow into the sea
    - Maggie as a separate character.
    - Allow cars to park on car-park spaces

    - Thanks (and apologies if they have been said!)

    first topic never happen, the game is very mechanic, sometimes is very hard join the thing in format harmonious, because mechanic and ''square'' is the gameplay construction. for the 3 topic too

    for the 2 topic is possible

  • ink19810
    616 posts
    edited January 2014
    what I'd really like is a way to keep track of the money bonus multiplier. I think I'm somewhere over 50%
  • wilki1999
    3965 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Hi Forum Member's! I'm currently creating the ultimate wish list for the Simpsons tapped out! As we all come up with idea's I will add it to the OP. It will be all listed under 5 categories, with 1 containing sub-categories. I will add a few to get us all started! As I come up with more, I'll add them as well! Can't wait to see the idea's! Also if you have any photo's you'd like to go along with it, you may do so.[1]

    Character's (Ex. Homer, Apu, Moe, etc)

    Task Chracters
    Crazy Cat Lady
    Disco Stu
    Lunch lady Doris
    Ms. Hoover
    Lionel Hutz
    Troy McClure
    Blue Haired Lawyer
    Cookie Kwan
    Sideshow Bob[2]
    Cecil Terwilliger
    Judge Snyder
    Johnny Tightlips
    Frankie the Squealer
    Artie Ziff
    Arnie Pye
    Brandine Spuckler
    LuAnne Van Houten
    Mrs. Muntz
    Superintendent Chalmers
    Roger Meyers
    Rafael (Sarcastic Store Clerk)
    Surly Duff
    Lurleen Lumpkin
    Herb powell
    Frank Grimes
    Jake the barber
    Old Jewish Man
    Rabbi Krustofsky
    Helen lovejoy
    Mary spuckler
    Ms. Albrigt
    Sarah Wiggum
    Lindsay Naegle
    Sam the barfly
    Ling bouvier
    Mr. Costington
    Yes Guy
    Jessica Lovejoy
    Bill and Marty
    Lyle Lanley
    Mindy Simmons
    Ruth Powers
    Arnie Pie
    Kirk Van Houten
    Homer Simpsons Mother (M o n a)[4]

    Bartman Skin
    Radioactive Man Skin (Rainier Wolfcastle)
    Pieman Skin
    Safety Salamander Skin
    Burns Alien Skin
    Mayan Marge Skin
    Plow King Skin
    Armin Tanzarian Skin
    Ralph's Upside down pj's Skin


    Gerard (unibrow baby)
    Snowball 2


    Building's (Ex. Kwik-E-Mart, Observatory, Skip's Diner, etc)
    KBBL Radio
    Noiseland Arcade
    Mr. Burns Casino
    Springfield Courthouse
    Springfield Municipal Building
    Springfield Fire Department
    Troy McClures Mansion
    Red Blazer Realty
    Spinster Apartments
    Drive-In Cinema (A place to click on and watch the clips gained from story line)
    Springfield Box Factory
    The Happy Sumo
    Itchy & Scratchy Studios
    Springfield Mall
    -My First Tattoo Parlor
    Springfield Gorge
    House made of Gold
    Lovejoy House
    Mt. Splashmore
    Krusty Klown Kollege
    The Jazz Hole
    Hal Roach Apartments
    First Bank of Springfield
    Springsonian Museum
    Kentucky fired panda
    Books, Books, and Additional Books
    Itchy and Scratchy Land
    Wall E. Weasels
    Springfield University
    The Muderhorn
    Springfield International Airport
    Hairy Shearers
    Crashed Helicopter
    Burns Sun blocking device (Million dollar item)
    Springfield Amphitheatre
    Are we hair yet?


    D?cor (Ex. Tree's, Cobblestone Wall, Police Car, etc)
    In-Ground Pool
    Weight bench
    Free weights
    Arm Wrestling Table
    Picnic Table
    The Pretzel Wagon 'as seen in The twisted world of Marge Simpson'
    Parking Spaces with cars in them
    Basketball Hoop/Court
    Monkey Bar's
    Homers car
    Marges car
    More varieties of walls and hedges
    Truck O Saurus (Similar to reindeer)
    Broken Mono rail tracks with train hanging from it including swinging animation
    Fall coloured trees
    Tennis Court
    Snake's Convertible
    Various new fences
    Cletus pickup truck
    Additional Outdoor Lighting
    The car built for Homer
    Stampy (similar to reindeer)[5]
    Crashed helicopter
    Aztec Sculpture
    Boats for the water
    Ice cream truck with the sundae on the roof.
    The Pool Truck, saw that on another forum thought it would be cool.
    Leaking fire hydrants.
    Various shopping cart variants for decorating.
    Railroad tracks or Monorail tracks would be more canon.
    Sapling's and/or trees that take up less then the current 2x2 trees.
    garbage can fire
    nuclear puddles
    street light 'red, green & yellow'
    Old torn couch
    lawn chairs


    Other's (Ex. Donut Confirmation, Scratch-R-Card's, Pathway's, etc)

    Easier Options
    Ability to move whole areas at one time
    No more auto select
    The option to take a complete picture from your town (via web with your account or via app) to share it
    Character option to locate and hunt down active and/or inactive characters (optional either or)
    Friends list in alphabetical order
    Next town button once your in a current town
    Inventory Categorized by letter's, plus a sidebar for an option to tap a letter bringing you to items that begin with that letter.
    Option to zoom out further.
    Ability to collect from multiple houses at once.

    Pathway customization
    Cobblestone Pathway's
    Customizable options for river, pavement and road squares
    Curved pavement, river and road squares
    Dirt/mud/sand squares
    The option to place car's on road's.

    Night Time mode
    Messaging System
    Non-Premium Item gift giving (possible to help out the lower leveled player at accessing high level d?cor)
    Skin character trophy slot
    Adding boats for the water could possibly add a task where you fish for XP/Money/Donuts
    Improvements on the variety of Task times
    Donut packages to be improved on as more premium items are added.

    Game Changers/Customization

    An Increase in minigames
    XP Slot's at Mr. Burns Casino
    More houses with different colors and styles
    Land Expansion
    Animated water, it seems so flat.

    Character Tasking

    Drederick Tatum to get a 1hr job
    Bart and Martin's dual task to drive soapbox racers on the road.
    Less 1hr kwik-e-mart tasks
    Shauna to get a 1hr job
    Angry mob task involving the characters of Springfield


    Events/Tie-ins (Ex. Halloween, Christmas, Cool-Brown House, etc)
    Christmas Tree Farm
    Hugo(Bart's evil twin)
    Mayan Marge Skin
    Burns Alien Skin
    Simpsons movie anniversary:
    Russ Cargill
    Harry Plopper
    Tipped over EPA Van
    EPA Jeep
    Ball of Death
    Medicine Woman aka **** Lady
    Multi-eyed Squirell
    Sop Sign


    Threads which discuss particular ideas

    Super-Hero ideas: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9531436.page
    Ralph Task *Artwork Included* idea: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9531468.page
    Task Ideas: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9213971.page
    Building Ideas: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9243158.page
    Character Ideas: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9480314.page
    Extra Cletus's farm tasks Ideas: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9429220.page
    Angry Mob Task Idea Discussion: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9502749.page#28604134

    Remember share your idea's and will create a huge community wishlist!

    [1]As things are added to the game and appear on this list, then they will be removed.
    [2]Could be possibly obtainable through so many captures.
    [3]Promotion's could still continue as usual even if he owned a set of tasks. Possibly appearing as a task in the menu.
    [4]Spelt 'M o n a' due to censoring issues on the forums.
    [5]Stampy is listed as a d?cor because he would be too hard to size correctly for sidewalks, imo.

    Any chance you can drop by my speculation post titled level 38 and beyond to leave some buildings and characters?
  • baddazoner
    1006 posts
    edited January 2014
    best in the west billboard sign.. (add to consumerism)

    more of the limited items to come back for a short time (if it was free make it free again and obviously if it was premium make it premium again).
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