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Parks and Landscaping

I'd love to see more landscapes posted. I'm in the process on adding it to a few pieces in my town. I'd love some ideas to expand/grow upon.


  • SWNJim
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    edited May 2013
    Hi guys,

    Just rearranging my Springfield... Again!

    In previous towns I've had formal gardens, worded topiary, wild forest gardens and Central Parkish areas just starting to get my head around 3d waterfalls and hedges and was wondering if anyone had any cool things they've tried.

    I admit I have used people's designs for my own towns but never copied to the letter and would be flattered if anyone had seen my stuff and copied....(I noticed a dramatic egg increase with some of my topiary I took this as kudos!)

    Xoxo :lol:

    I skip the 3D. While they look cool and all, I find that many of my 3D utilizing neighbors are perpetually trying to find space for new content. I have a huge Central Park, fairly large campus, shopping center, and sports center and still have lots of room to fill in with "downtown" looking buildings. I'll probably keep these districts when I do my redesign. Have to wait for the update though so I can gauge how to incorporate them seemlessly.
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