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Advice needed -- Old or newer quests first?

I just went through them as they appeared, I didn't think to do it any other way! :-o


  • Mitcheeelll
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    Personally - I'm in same boat as you.

    I'm just about to turn 29 - I been going for the buildings with characters first. Then I intend to back pedal and get from hospital onwards non character builldings

    I need more land too - walls are closing in on me. But the way I see it more characters = more people to complete jobs for money
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    Sounds like maybe your in my position, where your level doesn't accurately reflect your true game lever (where you are in the building progression) Just recently I was up to level 15, and still hadn't gotten the mission to unlock the Gulp'n'Blow (level 10 building)... After a couple days I just kept pushing through the side missions, and eventually I unlocked the Gulp'n'Blow. I'm pretty sure it was because Whacking Day side tasks were given priority over the normal side tasks. This ended up leaving me 5+ levels over my true game level.

    For me, I started first week of May. By the time I hit level 10, they stopped giving me ANY main story quests. I had to wait for the actual end of whacking day to continue. Now whacking day is over I've been able to go quickly from the Gulp'N'Blow and Power plant, to building Moe's bar today. No my building are only 2 or 3 levels back.
  • Dyl26
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    I believe the level the buildings have listed are just the level requirements, doesn't mean that's the level you'll receive the building. I've gotten many buildings many levels after, sometimes I've gotten the quest before reaching the level. It still doesn't matter you have to have both the quest and be at or past the mentioned level, in order to have access to a building.
  • NeoSEC28
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    Normally what happens is the latest update quests take over the standard running game quests, once the update is over is reverts back to the game quests :)
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  • gregbuc350
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    thanks, all, for the comments.

    I'm going to get: Tony's compound then Agnes then go back and get the older ones --

    ..and try to weave in some land purchases along the way...
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