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Homer vs the 18th Amendment: All Update Details

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Where Did They Come From?

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  • The Nature Bundle. Is there anything bonus $ or XP in it?
  • Chris60119 wrote: »
    The Nature Bundle. Is there anything bonus $ or XP in it?

    Looks like 6.5% by my count. (5 Apple trees, 5 Orange trees, 1 Kang & 1 Kodos topiary, and 1 tree swing)
  • There are other things in the bundle too (rose bushes, cherub topiary) but they have no multipliers attached. [Note: this info is gathered from what is posted on Wikisimpsons about the current update]
  • frosted1414
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    You guys have the Nature Bundle and Unruly Crowd in your store? I can't seem to find them!
    Oic, I haven't got far enough to unlock the Unruly Crowd.
    EDIT: I think I figured it out. Already have the green house in one town and the other town has the Otto, bus, and green house bundle instead of the nuture bundle :confounded:
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