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Was Apple Cracked?

Just got a notification from Apple to reset my password.
Some of our TV stations are out as well as internet sites.
I hope everyone has their passwords somewhere safe.
Apple told me to verify my identity, and input a new password.
If anyone has service interruptions, this may be a cause of something bigger...
I hope it is just my account, but it seems really strange...


  • Haven’t had that notification
  • jaythecanadian
    639 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    @Pendyjohns11 : That would be a junk/spam email that came from a phishing site that didn't go right into your junk folder instantly. Since most of the junk emails goes right into my junk folder. I just noticed two emails in the junk folder from Apple....one of them said someone had accessed and asked to verify my identity (this is probably the one your referring to).

    I get some junk emails that didn't go right into my junk folder with a notification telling me to reset my password from websites that I never been to and never joined to receive notifications. I can tell right away that its spam because I never been there before. Keep that in mind too.

    Just delete them.

    @devilknigh71 : would because it went into your junk folder.

    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Ask mods to move to Off Topic?
  • Haven't heard anything, but I get emails from "Apple" every week phishing for my passwords.
  • In my experience the real Apple never sends emails. If you reset your password on a spam link, immediately go to Apple’s official website and contact support. They will PHONE you back
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    I work for Apple and I can tell you that we will never send you an email like that. Ignore it and report it.
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