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When is the US getting an update?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Ive never seen a big company completely avoid and ignore their customers like this! How hard is it to stop by the forums and give some sort of update?? I was really looking forward to playing this game and getting some neat Simpsons related updates. Considering i played WeRule for almost 2 years, who knows how long i would have played this. But it seems as EA has completely abandon this project. As of yesterday my friends and I have deleted the game from our devices. The least someone from the team who was working on this could do is man up and leave a post on the forums that the project has been abandon/ cancelled instead of letting your loyal customers spend (in some cases) real cash on something that isn't being supported anymore. The last update from any of you guys was well over a month ago. That is totally unacceptable. Ill think twice before buying another EA product in the future. What an absolute WASTE of a great license.
Thanks. A **** group of customers.
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