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Hooch city

Has anyone bought it? There's great potential for this building given the classic episode it's from but for such a low donut cost I suspect there will be no permanent tasks associated with it which would be a shame. Id pay a bit extra if there was a task relevant to the episode with any building, especially from classic episodes.


  • I bought because I love the looks, but I don't know about permanent tasks yet. It has a 1 hour job for wine enthusiasts when it's placed. It's a pretty long list, but most of them were busy already.
  • JJR2112
    480 posts Member
    It’s a nice convenience store in a world full of Kwik-E-Marts so I was happy to get it just for that. The animation isn’t my kind of thing so I didn’t check if anyone had a permanent task there, sorry.
  • Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments in response:) 50 donuts isn't much anyway and I like the design even though it's not very flash. I'l probably get it as There's not much content I want in this update as I only have 2 options in the mystery box, the wishing well, and Blarney castle which i probably should get considering I live 3.5 miles from the actual Blarney Castle haha
  • tapebelt
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    ned has a 2 hour task at hooch city to shop for communion wine.

    if you hard. then you hard.
  • Is this our first “gas” station?
  • rockyb2006 wrote: »
    Is this our first “gas” station?

    We already have a few so this not the first.
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  • ghallmark814
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    edited March 2018
    rockyb2006 wrote: »
    Is this our first “gas” station?

    Nope.. there is both the Gas and Grubs and the Seething Sisters... Dents *can* be but it’s a BYOP (pumps), not to mention the Kwick E Marts can be as well.

  • rockyb2006 wrote: »
    Is this our first “gas” station?

    This is not a gas station, it sells wine by gallons :)
  • I learned this morning that Weird Al will do his 12 hour Finding Inspiration job there
  • petehd14
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    I wish we had more big trucks.

    Some characters can visit buildings and animate them for a short time. Mary Spuckler's "Pay Some Bills" job does it.
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