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How did you become a regular forum member?



  • DukeEsqIII
    78 posts
    edited May 2013
    Lurked a little bit when I first started playing back in October and stared pursuing the Add Me threads to build up my neighborhood. The real reason I stayed and decided to join was the pics people were posting that were giving me some great ideas for my Springfield design.
  • chindogger
    179 posts
    edited May 2013
    I came here to find some help on the glitches and been hooked ever since....Don't post much but still lurk a lot..is that weird?
  • cjryder625
    1426 posts Member
    edited May 2013
    came looking for friends and egg traders but now cheesed off as I've not been promoted. How's a guy supposed to take part fully without the tools...
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • ozwald5
    231 posts
    edited May 2013
    I checked 'Other' because I don't remember why I first came upon the forum. :?
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