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Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking will always be rocketing around my Springfield.
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  • ZeBadmedic
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    I want him in my city too. RIP
  • bluntcard
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    :'(:( ......
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • RIP Professor Hawking. You live forever in Springfield,

  • niahunt
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    A brilliant mind. RIP.
  • Sad news :'(
    Be a part of another EA endorsed TSTO fan site at www.tapped-out.co.uk :)
  • R.I.P.
  • RIP Stevie :bawling::bawling:
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  • Would it be possible to get the Splash screen changed to Stephen Hawking for a week in memory of him
  • He is in my town as well. RIP
  • LPNintendoITA
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    mike170469 wrote: »
    Would it be possible to get the Splash screen changed to Stephen Hawking for a week in memory of him

    changing the SplashScreen, due to the fact it loads first and is embedded in the app file, requires a store update, it'd be impratical to do that. maybe in the SplashScreen for the next event.
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  • One who had one of the most beautiful minds in your modern world.
    That's him. Stephen Hawking.
  • Worst. Pi Day. ever.

  • R.I.P.
  • Aww R.I.P Stephen Hawking.
    Here have a banana!!
  • Very sad news.

    It'd be nice if EA honored him by making the character available again as a stand-alone one-day offer (or just added him to everyone's game for free) and included some kind words in remembrance.
  • simpsonare
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    "Don't forget to look up at the stars and not down at your feet".
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  • Don't forget we also have his doppelganger Mecha Hawk
  • Now who will save us from the first wave of A.I.? Not an aging George Wendt, that's for sure.
    Worst. Pi Day. ever.


    It's like he went deeper into solving pi than the rest of us, and disappeared into it. He didn't stop at the first 5 decimal places. Hey the glasses guy from Lost, Person of Interest, and Arrow once said pi eventually gets around to including every possible set of numbers, like it contains every string of digits you could shout out. I'd like to think Hawking's essense merged with pi and became encoded in it, or maybe all our personal info is already in there since the dawn of time 600 years ago. Well, fare ye well, Steven. As a fellow frequent sitter, I felt a kinship with you and was always amazed by the flushing action and the swirling motion of my local black hole.
  • Sad day for the world.
  • Please EA... Everyone can see that this brilliant man also has a brilliant sense of humor! Please make him available as a character once again in Springfield!!!
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