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The Springfield Jobs Teaser: Details

A Taste of Little Italy

Auto starts

Kent Brockman: Today marks the re-opening of Springfield's “Little Italy”, newly restored after a giant cannoli cheese flood wiped out the previous ethnic enclave.
Kent Brockman: We go now to Arnie Pye, live over the opening. What do you see, Arnie?
Arnie Pye: Little Italy has everything you could want, Kent.
Arnie Pye: Food, music, culture, and the cheap liquor you need to forget the massive failure that is your career.
Kent Brockman: Well, keep a sharp lookout. We have word that "Little Italy" is the new home of the Italian gigolo your wife left you for.

Task: Place Car Pillar

Arnie Pye: Hold on a second, I just had to dodge what appears to be an expensive exotic car on top of a statue. More when the meds I just took settle in.
Kent Brockman: As always, parking continues to be hard to find in the downtown area.
Kent Brockman: But “Little Italy” isn't the only little land we'll soon be covering on Channel 6.
Kent Brockman: What else is coming? Find out soon!
System Message : What he said. Find out soon!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Car Pillar is a new free decoration, coming from the episode The Italian Bob, and gives 100 Vanity points to the Conform-O-Meter.

The update ends on March 20th.
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