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Gil broken

Worked for me, not tried to buy them yet though.


  • FluidEmotion
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    Gil is back.. But when I tap him, some dialog starts about dag old donuts and the game crashes.. Tried it about 5 times on two different devices - all android..
    Anyone else experiencing this??

    Quite a few threads about this already. Yes, he is broken for alot of Androidusers. He works fine for iOS-users. Many Androidusers have trouble buying from him. He takes your money, you get the receipt, but don't get the Donuts.

    My advice for you right now, hold on for atleast the first 24hours. This deal from Ol'Gil will be here a few days. Wait until EA resolve the trouble for Androidusers... That is, if they manage to resolve them.

    But you may very well take your chances, I'm sure some Androidusers has managed to buy from him, and got what they bought. Though this seems to be a game of chance right now.
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  • vic147
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    Android is having problems with Gil, but you can skip the line dialogue and buy your donuts from the store, but better wait at least one day, android users are reporting that the donuts are not registering.
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