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weird watermark like rectangle object in background.

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I noticed this in my town after a long while of not ever nukeing town. Then I nuked town started over and it was gone.

Am I going crazy are is this a bug that happens if you’re town gets too big. Because if I nuke again and it goes away then it’s def a legit bug. And it’s annoying. I think it’s def something they need to look into. It will be near middle of screen and it is visible. Not horrendously noticeable but it’s still annoying.


  • Big82S
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    Well nukeing and reinstall didn’t work. Must be a bug cause now it’s not a rectangle it’s just half of a bar near middle.
  • Picture?
  • Big82S
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    edited March 2018
    Trading iPad in for new one soon anyway but will take shots on this one and new one for comparison. Guess the work is never done to figure out problems.
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