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I know that the big issue I have in this regard is a known phenomenon, and it has been mentioned in other threads. But I have to wonder why EA do as they do with the added multiplier to house building when you reach level 23. I want to use myself as an example to illustrate my point.

I started playing towards the end of the Whacking Days. When I figured I could get what would ultimately be premium items for free, I downprioritized this games main quests, and had all the precious few people I had, do snake quests instead. I also filled my friends list with people. This has resultet in me levelling up way too fast, and I have a ton of mainquest building I need to address from lower levels. Because of this, I am now only visitting the few neighbours who helped me, either by trade or donations during Whacking Days. I feel I owe them that. But all the others I am neglecting. I can't afford levelling this fast.

I think this is a strange thing to do with a social game. We get a big reason for NOT to visit friends and neighbours. Isn't this rather counterproductive for a social game? (I do believe EA added this multiplier to make people spend more in-game money. But I there must be a better way for doing that?)

But since I am rather new to this game, I wonder if there is other issues which would be considered counterproductive in this game as well. And I wonder how EA looks upon this issues?
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