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Favourite Simpsons moments

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What are some of you favourite Simpsons moments? Lines that make you laugh remembering them?

One of mine is this one, I just found it hilarious that a robot sent to a school had a default setting to kill:


(I used the website Frinkiac to make that meme, you can search for scenes using parts of dialogue from the first 16 seasons or so.)


  • Season 24, Episode 5: Penny-Wiseguys-

    Dan Gillick forces Homer to drive him somewhere with a gun...

    "Say something original!" he demands.

    Homer responds with-

    "Uh, Greek thing"

    "uh, grand b-banana of far-na of f-forever thing"

    "bleeks blah-blah, a comma a com a commonality beret burrito."


  • The who shot Mr Burnes episodes.
  • daved7637397
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    Homer joins the NRA episode. The whole thing!
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  • Two lines from ”The PTA Disbands”, Season 6, Episode 21.
    ”The finger thing means the taxes.”

    Funny because it’s true. A microcosm of American politics in action (or inaction).
    From the same episode:
    “Hello-o-o. Mrs. Pummelhorse... I’d like to get down now.”

    Funny and sad at the same time.

  • suetopia
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  • baksinengl89
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    Bart the Daredevil episode is probably one of my fave eps ever.

    Especially when Homer tries to leap Springfield Gorge using the skateboard and then fails is hilarious.

    More so when that rescue helicopter kept banging Homer's stretcher against the cliff wall.

    Then that ambulance crashes into that tree sending Homer plummeting down the gorge again. Priceless. XD.
  • The land of chocolate, among others
  • Busted a gut the first time I saw this one:

  • willp_70
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    Homer jumps out the car, spots a 3 card monte game and yells, "Woo Hoo! Easy money!"
  • The shaken beer prank explosion
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