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I love the game - don't make me quit playing

I've noticed mostly negative reactions to the switching of free land tokens, I keep hoping all that space at the bottom will come up for in-game cash, but so far I still need free land tokens - which even saving up from past events, I'm nowhere close to unlocking even half of the last two rows.

Personally I'm in the game for what it's advertised for - being able to construct and design your own personal Springfield. I know some people just like collecting new buildings and piling them en masse, but my game time is spent designing - something I really haven't been able to do for 3 events now (I managed to cram all the Christmas loot in my existing Christmas area, but it's very cramped).

Can we please make new land accessible? Go back to selling it for in game cash or even donuts? I think I can place maybe 3 of the new, large, up-coming buildings, but after that I'm pretty much going to have to sit this event out if we don't get new land soon because I literally don't have any place to put anything.


  • I don't understand why this land token thing is causing people to quit. Personally, I have more land than I can fill right now, but I get that some players are less conservative when it comes to trees, etc. But other than that, I don't understand how adding new land doesn't require some re-designing. I like the constant need to redesign and adjust.
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