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The Daily reward system is a bit broken...



  • FluidEmotion
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    @Tiha24: I get that EA want us to be excited about the mystery box. But I am fairly certain someone out there has never really gotten something remotely good since they started playing. By increasing the worst prizes, or even tweak some of them to be former limited non-premium items. EA would go along way towards renewing the exitement of the mystery box for longtime players, and largely increasing the joy for a new player (even though not getting a premium item).

    As it is, you loose interest in the mystery box quite fast. I think this is a bit counterproductive in regards to what EA actually wants for accomplish by offering a box every fifth day...
  • david328ci
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    I wish I could just get one mystery box that wasn't a parking lot or hedge.
  • beeblebrox900
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    Like the idea of old items being prizes. Being an android player I missed out on a good few. We can only dream. Dont know exactly when I gave up caring about the misery box (I did have the prizes in my sig for a bit of a larf) but it probably stopped being a motivator second time it came around.
  • missmoleman
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    You have a point. I like the way you think.

    I think it is a bit broken in a negative way. The main reason is because the mystery box has a very poor pay out. Before the complainers begin to harass this thread, which at this point resembles alot of other threads, hear me out. I actually like the fact that you can get hedges, parking lots and that kind of crap. This is the single reason one would be very happy the few times something good comes along.

    Now, what I have an issue with, is that I think you should get more of the "crap" items. For a new player, those could be useful, as a new player don't have that much in-game cash to spend on decorations. And as it is, the pay out in the mystery boxes is usually so low, that the $1000 in-game dollars you get from day four is a better bonus. Sometimes the $750 from day three, and on occasion even the $500 from day two, is better than what you actually get in the mystery box.

    I think you should atleast be guaranteed to get some in-game prize that exceeds the $1000 dollar prize of day four. Instead of 1, or sometimes 3 parking lot(s), why not get 10? Instead of three hedges (which would actually be worth about $1000), why not get 10 of those too. And get rid of those lousy pay-outs of $500 dollars and such. Jack them up with perhaps an extra zero.

    What I want, is for those "bad" prizes, to become just a tad better. Atleast you'd feel you get a progress in in-game value. As it is now, I could just as well have taken the day four prize twice, instead of a mystery box. I am usually always low on in-game cash, and an extra 1000 is usually always better than the crap I get (even if that mean I pass my chance of perhaps getting something worthwhile). It would be an easy matter for EA to jack up the minimum pay-out from mystery boxes a little bit, and it wouldn't hurt the game at all.

    The only issue I can see with this, is that EA would possibly have to give out more money to those that buy in-game cash with donuts, to match an increase in the value of mystery boxes. But those in-game cash are so overpriced anyway, that if anything, maybe a few more people would actually consider spending donuts on in-game cash, if EA gave out a bit more for donuts spent.

    Anyway, to sum this up. I think the minimum value from the mystery boxes should be better. Atleast so that when you get a mystery box from playing five days in a row, you would know the box will always be more valuable than the money prizes from the four other days. Might be other people disagree here...?

    PS.: I guess someone will make a point about me complaining on free stuff. Don't get me wrong, I really appreaciate that EA actually gives away a bonus to loyal players. But this bonus is a double-egded sword for the playerbase. It is after all a way too hook us to the game, and to do it just alittle bit more difficult to quit playing. And the ultimate prize for playing regularly is the mystery box. Therefore I feel the bottom prizes should atleast be better than the other regular prizes. This is all.
  • FluidEmotion
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    edited May 2013
    @missmoleman: Thanks :)

    By the way, does anyone know if there is a way to reach EA with suggestions to this game? I guess no one from EA reads this forum, but might be one could send them suggestions in a way? The thread KyleCollins444 have kept reasonably updated has alot of nice ideas I would love to see incorporated into the game. Otherwise a revamp of this mystery box would also be good.
  • Mitcheeelll
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    Well I got a gazebo out of mine today so pretty happy. I was just gonna build a park as well. When I have more land of course :-)

  • FluidEmotion
    605 posts New member
    edited May 2013
    Well I got a gazebo out of mine today so pretty happy. I was just gonna build a park as well. When I have more land of course :-)

    This is exactly what I am getting at. A little bit better low-end-prizes and people would generally be quite a bit more happy with what they get from the mystery box. I can only hope someone from EA (from the creative apartment perhaps) working on improving the Simpsons Tapped Out read this thread, and KyleCollins444 compiled ideas thread...

    (Here is the webadress for the other thread: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9509677.page).
  • Linkster79
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    edited May 2013
    I agree with the OP to a degree.

    As a level 29 player the 1 parking lot I seem to get most weeks is not really an incentive to ensure I log in everyday for the weekly bonus. My idea is doughnuts. Now before folks jump me, it would not be masses of doughnuts. Say 5 per week, not enough to purchase premium items weekly but if you get a whole month without missing a day you might be able to get one of the cheaper decorations.
  • alexgravener
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    Bumping a really good idea in hopes that EA will see it.
  • dcg_moo
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    edited August 2013
    #4: Daily Bonus Mystery Box
    Donuts/Premium Items can be obtained from the Mystery Box you get on the 5th day of the daily bonus. You have ~13% chance of getting a premium item or Donuts from a Mystery Box, and the Lemon Tree has a 10% chance of being pulled from the Mystery Box. The Donuts listed in (parentheses) is what you'll receive IF you already have the initial prize. So, if you already have Squeaky Voice Teen, you can't get him again. Instead, the reward is substituted with (Donuts).

    Prize: / Odds:
    Lemon Tree 10%
    3 White Fences 4%
    Bench with Towel 4%
    10 Donuts 2%
    Squeaky Voice Teen (30 Donuts) 2%
    Homer Buddha 1%
    30 Donuts 0,04%
    Tire Fire (40 Donuts) 0,02%
    Lard Lad Donuts 0,01%
    Total 23,07%

    These odds are borrowed from another thread by Simpsons00001, and the url is: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9286548.page

    Sorry, for making this a bit messy, but since I am not level 2, I cannot upload pics or use the proper BBcodes. The table for odds and prizes is in the form of a picture at the abovementioned url. Perhaps a level 2 forum user, or a mod could repost this post for me.

    Anyway, as this table states, it is less than a 25% chance you get something good in your mystery box. If I were working in EA, I would jack up these chances to 33%. I would increase the odds of getting 10 donuts, Squeaky Voice Teen and Homer Buddha up to 3% each. And maybe add a few more items like Apple trees and Orange Trees and perhaps a chance of getting 5 donuts as well. You should win something good atleast every third box.

    You have a big error with your math.

    You can only get the Lemon Tree once. After that, its only $250, which not only is not worth 6 donuts but isn't even good on the daily bonus meter.

    After that... its only a 15% chance of getting something worthwhile, not 25%.

    Obvious solution... more Lemon Trees!

    Actual solution... replace the Lemon Tree substitute with a better prize. Maybe $2500 instead of $250? Or a low donut cost premium item? Its still only a 10% pull... look at all the vets who haven't yet pulled the Lemon Tree the first time.

    Seems like a simple solution code-wise, and would at least somewhat help the cr*p box problem.
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