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Rail Yard very minor gripe

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I get that they're random. But now and again I always seem to hit a run where 3-5 consecutive projects require nothing but junk (from 600-1,000 or more) and obviously reward very little resources - and they're on the Large Widget/Major Doohickey area of the board.

Once or twice is fine, throw a little in for variety. 3 or more in a row is just tedious. And yeah, perhaps I think this happens more often than it really does, but it's not a super rare thing. It's happened enough that I doubt it's simply RNG. And thus it could possibly be adjusted.

Like I said, very minor gripe.


  • Me too, but it's not a big problem
  • Lucky you, I often get all three projects requiring Glass, then after finishing it they require half glass and half something else.

    Since then I've rarely done the rail yard. Moreover ever since the time limit was removed my Lil Lisa's recycling ant does it for me.
  • 3 days no plastic needed- only grinding metal :( randomness is vanishing lol
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
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