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Server overload?

I played the new act for 3 minutes and the game crashed. Still trying to get back in...


  • madfish86
    1094 posts Member
    Same here. Don't know why they chose 10am EST start time for Phase 2. I woke up around 8am EST and had no trouble logging in but couldn't 2 hours later.
  • I managed to buy Westminster Abbey, send the ghosts and Homer on their tasks then crash
  • This is madness! I blame the new start time.
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  • adruralo
    3293 posts Member
    Have not got into the game yet., will try later on.
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  • simpsonare
    2466 posts Member
    I've got into the game twice briefly with it disconnecting. I was able to take care of objectives and get my 4hr cycles underway. Currently phone is synchronizing to let me back in. The loading time is very long.
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  • Hey all!

    Just a little update, the team is aware of this issue and is working on it. Dont have an exact ETA on a fix but they are working as fast as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • HA HA! This used to be me at 4AM, but now I am sleeping with the new start time. Woke up and everything worked for me!
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