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Why don't they use the door?

This is still quite a young game. It still has bugs, glitches, stability and balance issues, and lots of potential for features either not implemented or not even made yet. I still consider this an unfinished beta game that has tons of potential and a lot of internal app issues/features which the developers are working hard to perfect.

The issue you bring up does bother me too, but only minimally. I'll bet it will eventually get fixed as long as the developers keep getting more and more people playing and purchasing donuts. We just have to give EA time to iron out the small things since they, obviously, are working more on the big things (Squidport, Krustyland, holiday themed special updates, etc...).


  • missmoleman
    174 posts
    edited May 2013
    You are right. But I manage to fix this in my kwik-e-mart by removing the parking lot in front of the door.

    However nothing seems to work with my gilded truffle.

    It can be a bug related to the building if everyone else has this at the Gilded Truffle. Or, since some changes made this "bug" go away in kwik-e-mart... maybe is just the way I'm placing the restaurant that is causing them to ignore the actual door.


  • KayneMatrix
    161 posts
    edited May 2013
    What annoys me is that characters walk across water, and through walls, gates, and buildings. i even saw Homer walk through a tree... but when cleaning debris, Lisa and Homer would follow a road, and bit get the piece of debris right next to them!
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