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unintended consequences



  • simp7fan
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    Runeabj wrote: »

    I'm only at 4200ish % Xp.
    you only need about 2000% for the game to be F2P.
    disagree that what is causing problems is the land tokens. imho, it's that donut farming is way too easy.
    What's the math here?

    I'm at about 1400 (I think).
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  • The in-game cash is also used for when they add more Road to Riches items. This is why I miss the Level updates. There was always new characters, buildings & decorations you could buy with IGC.

    It would be great if all the current land available now that costs tokens give you the option to also buy it with IGC. I haven’t been able to buy any new land because of the lack of tokens, so I’m gonna be in a pinch for designing for this event

    I wish that they would bring back the Road to Riches too. At least we would have somewhere to spend IGC. On the other hand, I have nowhere to place anything now. I really don't understand why longtime players are being punished like this. :'(
  • sideshowmrt2
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    edited April 2018
    I'm also at a stage where I don't need any more money, have plenty of donuts, am fewer than 100 items under the limit, and have scarce vacant land to play with.

    That puts me (and the OP and a couple of others who've chimed in) in a small but not insignificant minority. We've effectively "won" the game as far as grinding & gameplay are concerned. New content is coming at us much faster than new land. What's the way forward?

    I keep the game playable by occasionally hunting down things that can go into storage without significantly impacting the look of areas I'm happy with, and when possible I scale back existing areas that I want to keep. Sometimes I will decide something just isn't good enough and wipe that area clean. At this stage, I think that's all players like us can do. Either we have to find another pastime (including starting a new Springfield if you like this particular game that much), or make an effort to free up both land and space under the item limit.
  • I've played aalmost from the start now, but am far from where some of you are. It's +700%, so I do regularly KEM farming, because I just spend the donuts as they come in. When you are at the point where you don't need to do the donut farming any longer, you may need to rethink and redesign your town completely. But I admit, I'm also already worried: with 6 land tokens or so per event, it's not really a lot, particularly if the buildings needed for the event take more space than a land token provides. And I believe that's the case right now (with the surrounding area to place particular items in). And if you want to design it nicely and not just put all the things where there is a place, you need a little more than just the space for those buildings. I still have enough land to buy (I could do it right away, but still wait) with IGC, though.
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