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Will I ever be able to get stuff from the past?

Maybe - all of the things you mentioned are season events updates from classic episodes and the game wasn't on android then so maybe.


  • SolarDragon2012
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    Fat Tony was originally a one time character before he became a permanent character so you never know.
  • danielhirsh
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    ok done
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  • fuzznugget77
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    I would probably retract that post ^^^ hacking is not allowed by ea as i'm sure you know :shock:
  • smalltowngirl26
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    Howard's flowers and sir putts a lot were the valentines update so I expect that it will be repeated but as we are yet to repeat a season since game launch no one knows as yet maybe they will be part of a season yard sale along with new items to keep the longer playing towns interested
  • jasonicus321
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    Use this. It's a time machine.

  • Jay_Wayne_2
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    Nina4207 wrote:
    I started playing TSTO in the beginning of March, and I was hooked immediately and have been a daily player ever since. I LOVE this game and it is the only game I play regularly. I am on the 29th level and have gotten 5 bonus levels while waiting for level 30.
    I have been wondering, will I ever be able to get things from the past? I assume I will have to wait for the holiday to get the holiday items- like the graveyard on Halloween etc. What about other things like the House of Evil, Howards Flowers, the ice cream parlor, and Sir Putt-A-Lots?

    That is a good question. A lot of the stuff you wanted came from the Halloween update and October is still far away. Doesn't look like you will be able to get that stuff anytime soon. I am just guessing but even when the October update comes it will be a new update because there will be a new Halloween episode this year. Fat Tony only came again because they introduced his compound along with Legs and Louie.
  • adruralo
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    Use this. It's a time machine.


    Best suggestion so far. :wink:
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    The best suggestion was probably the one that got deleted. Old items apk...
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