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it's the "End Of Event Character Collection" Discussion.

So if you're a Completionist, unlike me, would you like to volunteer to talk about what characters you're missing and what ones you wish would come back for future sales? I just bought Arthur Fortune. Wasn't planning on it, but I read up on him from the wikis, so I thought I might as well. The only character I didn't buy was the Pope.

Other characters I'm missing because I didn't like them enough to buy:

Churchy Joes: The lady singer from the bible amusement park (forgot her name).
4th of July: Nixon
Aliens: JC Xmas Alien
THOH XXVI: The 2 Lovecraftian nightmares. Milhouse's Radioactive Man costume and his parent's squirrel and nut costumes.
Boardwalk performers: Juggler and KL Itchy and Scratchy Mascots.
Superheroes: Solar and wind doods.
Fossil Fuel Four: The petrol dino character.
Terwilliger Mutants: I only got the Baby Fruit one."I am Fruit"? ;)
Casino Staff: Chippie
Prehistorians: The 2 raptors and screamapillar.
Sun Worshipers: The dog faced god.
Swashbucklers: Ship rats.
Homerpalooza Attendees: I didn't get any of those.
Buck stops here: Prepper guy.
Ruffians: None of those either.
More Foreigners: The Pope.

If the superheroes come back, I might be tempted to get the petrol dino, but the solar and wind superheroes look too...eh and meh to me. Or Milhouse's family Halloween costumes, maybe.


  • zutroy69
    456 posts Member
    Purchased every character offered. Glad to finally have Zutroy. He arrived during the Christmas season when I started playing and “returned” two weeks later and has not been available since.
  • 0Brooders0
    2187 posts Member
    I've got all the characters including the real cash ones ... :#

    I'm missing a few npcs which upsets me... 3x bobs from the Terwilligers event and that darn turkey. :s
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  • bluyoshi88810
    1455 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    I've started to steer away from premium purchases. I don't feel like spending money on this game anymore. There are just too many characters I'm not familiar with and nothing I really want. The list has been piling up high.

    The Hunter (from Thanksgiving 2016)

    L.T. Smash

    Peeta & Pita
    Mountain Man
    Jeremy Jailbird
    Ice Bishop of Beverly Hills


    Dante Calabresi Jr. & Sr.
    Wheels McGarth
    The Pope
    Geoffrey Chaucer and Oscar Wilde
    Jack the Ripper
    Guy Incognito
    Mexican Duffman

    The church singer is Rachael Jordan btw.
  • I was tempted to get the Master Hypnotist + donut deal but I'm not spending a cent on this game until EA addresses the glitch.
  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    I just need Milo and I will have all characters.
  • simpsonare
    2174 posts Member
    I've started to steer away from premium purchases. I don't feel like spending money on this game anymore.

    Really? I'm the complete opposite. I'm wanting to support the game just because I love it so much. I'm thinking... I want to give EA money. But there need to be something made to be paid for. Think I might go buy a couple scratchers.
  • ArmpitAttack
    2353 posts Member
    I think about turban guy all the time.
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