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And now this!!

This got stuck on my screen and won't go away. I know it's has been a lot of glitches but has anyone experienced anything like this?



  • I got that a few days ago. I was able to force close the app, restart, and it has been fine since then.
  • I had that a few days ago too....all I did was close the app, clear from recent and then reopen the app, it was fine then.
    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Yes happened to me. On any of the railroad buildings don't click the full indicator or you get stuck.
  • Yeah I got this a couple days ago. I immediately closed the game. Went back in, and everything was fine again
  • yep. close/re-open- all you can do
    someday, EA may notice and fix it :D
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Nope not had it
  • I've posted about this in the bugs & issues section. Whenever I accidentally try to send a character to do one of the recycle jobs and the depot / dump is already full, this comes up. Very annoying.
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