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Injury 500 Bart task?



  • Muhsterino
    4499 posts Member
    Injury 500 images. The initial pieces you are given should look like this:
    Move the long track to line up the red blocks:
    All the initial pieces separated:
    Craft more pieces at the Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate:
    If the task does not complete, try storing the pieces, go to friends screen and back to town (to synchronise the game) then replace the pieces in town to see if that works.
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  • datasurgeon
    1878 posts Member
    I'm obviously having a bad day but I can't find the corner pieces anywhere. Where are they???

    Possible it is there but you don't recognize it. 3 rotations look the same but the fourth has a covering. Also note red squares appear when selecting a track piece use them to align them.

    I also accidently stored a track piece and it was in general storage almost at the end.
  • The Injury 500 component can be placed inside the mountain range (track pieces can’t though). It’d be nice if all the SH hidden multiplier buildings could be stashed in the mountains too, it’d free up some tiles.
  • For anyone trying to figure out this task you do not add any track pieces at all you just put the four corners and the 500 and one side and then the other one on the other side and that’s it make sure those red square is lined up and bingo you have pass that one. Sorry for no periods do that whole thing I was using the microphone.
  • Zsnowbum8183
    2 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    I have moved that damn track in every conceivable configuration and still no luck completely lost on this task ??????
  • Finally got it, just keep messing with the pieces till you have a looped track. There is enough pieces to make a small looped without crafting more
  • Muhsterino
    4499 posts Member
    Finally got it, just keep messing with the pieces till you have a looped track. There is enough pieces to make a small looped without crafting more
    ..... or you could have just looked at the images at the top of this page which shows exactly how to do it. ;)
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  • Willy9292 wrote: »
    You can craft additional pieces. You should have started with building, 4 corners, a couple straight in an oval with one out of line. Idea is to craft pieces and make a large track.


    Thank you Willy
    I gave up on figuring this out, but just decided to check here...just got the event started a few mins ago after seeing your post
  • I only have the building, 1 corner piece and the long track....am I missing something? Do we have the find all the pieces in order to build the full track or were they supposed to all be given to us up front?
  • If you are missing pieces, look in the GROUP STORAGE. That's where I found my missing corner pieces and was able to complete the track.
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