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Unable to log in

I was forced to log in but I am unable to do so. I entered my logon-id and password but got a message: login failed, try again (this is my transalation of the Dutch text: aanmelden mislukt; probeer opnieuw).

Next I was adviced to make an EA-account which I did and got a message to enter a code which was sent to me via E-mail after entering this code got the messge "wrong code; try again".

I have tried several times over the last couple of days but got the same situation over and over again.

PS: I was around level 260 and do not want to start at level 1 again.


  • Same here! 4am CST in the US and still cant get in...
  • Gfxsrtghjhfd
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    I lost my world after my iPhone did an update! How can I get it back???
  • I lost my world after my iPhone did an update! How can I get it back???

    If you are registered with origin you should only have to log back in. If you are playing anonomously (WHY anyone does this is beyond me!?!?) you are pretty much screwed. You can try EA but I dont think they can do much for lost anonomous games
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  • litofatima
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    Me pasa igual :neutral:
  • @litofatima hi please can you post in English as this is an English speaking forum.
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