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Is there a need for a separate KL task manager?

Like the unemployment office?

Is anyone going to routinely task characters there to earn tickets?

When KL was separate, the list of characters was limited to those who had tasks there. I never tasked anyone there after a while just because it was a pain to go back and forth, and there was really nothing to do with the currency.

Now the problem is that you have to individually task all of those characters among the 100+ (or are there 200 now?), scroll through to find the KL tasks...I just don't see myself doing it.



  • 4junk3000
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    I'm doing it. It's not a problem.

    As the characters complete their KL task, i just reassign them immediately.

    I am assigning them on the same 4hr interval with the event. The rest of SF citizens are on 24 hr task to keep them out of the way. Since they aren't in the same cycle, i can still use the UE office to start the masses.

    I'm accruing KL tix but i don't know why. Just doing it because I'm low in quantity on hand and i don't like that. But so what, I'm sending a dozen characters that would just be earning cash. May as well restock tix just in case something unforeseen comes up in a future act
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  • I manually task quite a few characters if I have the time. The KL jobs clutter the task list for me as I don't send anyone to earn tickets. Only sent a few to finish the quests when I bought the mysterybox items, but those are all finished now. I'd appreciate a separate hub or individual rides for the KL jobs.
  • I hope they do.
  • This is another way in which Skyrim was better. Such low jobless figures they didn't need a separate office for unemployment. And no clown realm unless you count the Daedre.
  • I could use one
  • Agree.

    Besides, I think they should rearrange the task priority as well. For example, Wendell & Jeremy Jailbird both have 8 hour visual tasks but if I use unemployment office to assign tasks, they will be sent to Attend Wizarding School.
  • indeed.

    would love this TBH
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