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Why do the houses only face two different directions?

I presume it's so we can always see the front, the front always looks prettier with buildings


  • Nine9Nines
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    edited October 2012
    That's how most of these games work. They would have to increase the size of the game, cost of developing, and other stuff to do back images as well. In these types of games, there's generally only one image for each building, with the image being flipped for the rotation. Doesn't seem to be that way in TO though. There actually seems to be two images for each building, allowing lettering to be correct for either direction, and also different sides of the building to be shown.
  • Jbennett4624
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    edited October 2012
    goughy999 wrote:
    It would be nice I we could fully spin them so that they could face any direction.
    Does my head in that I have to set my town up purely just so that it can all face downwards.
    We should be able to turn them to face all 4 directions, it would be nice to be able to place a row of houses opposite each other on opposite sides of the road like in real life.

    Lazy Programing
  • sonny1618
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    edited October 2012
    360-degree rotation for all objects is one of my top wishes for the game. As Nine said though, I imagine that would mean developing two new images for every item and it may bog the game down even more. It would be really nice though.
  • 84810
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    I agree I would like some buildings in a another direction.
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