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Itchy & Scratchy Land: Act 1 Walkthrough

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The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 1

Auto starts

Helen Lovejoy: Krustyland has become an eyesore. No one even goes there anymore!
Quimby: Well, none of us thought our little town would be around so long that it would matter.
Quimby: I mean, six years into this thing, and Sky Finger is still tap-tap-tapping away at us. Why?!
Helen Lovejoy: There's no logical explanation, but here we are. Your people will not rest until Krustyland is gone!

Task: Build Town Hall
Task: Make Springfielders Complain About Krustyland [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall or Simpson Home

Quimby: Maybe I can turn this into a win-win for our little town...

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 2

Auto starts

Quimby: You are hereby notified that Krustyland will be wiped off the map effective immediately.
Krusty: Impossible! It took months of clicking and waiting to build that park!
Quimby: Not to worry. We have found a safe, gentle way to quietly remove your theme park.

Task: Return to Krustyland
Task: Nuke Krustyland

If the user doesn't nuke Krustyland:
System Message: Nuke Krustyland to play the Itchy & Scratchy Land event! Event expires in !

If the user nukes Krustyland:
Krusty: Oh No!
Krusty: WHAT?! You nuked it?
Quimby: Our friends in the military paid handsomely to test out their newest weapon.
Clancy Wiggins: The ThrillBuster Anti-Theme Park Tactical Nuclear Warhead is a success!
Clancy Wiggins: At last, our nation is safe from the threat of fun and rides.
Quimby: These guys prepare for everything.
System Message: Everything you left in Krustyland has been salvaged to your storage!

Quest reward: Krustyland Entrance, Krustyland Wall [x14], Tall Shrub 1 [x2], Tall Shrub 2 [x2], Tall Shrub 3, Large Parking Lot [x6], Pylon [x4], Crosswalk [x40], Highway 1 [x18], Highway 2 [x18], 1 Free Land Token per each unlocked Krustyland Land Expansion, $100 and 10 XP

Donut Day 2018

Auto starts

System Message: Enjoy 15 free donuts and, for a limited time, get Golden Scratch-R's with your donut purchases!
Quest reward: 15 Donuts

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: Mr. Meyers, this town desperately needs an amusement park.
Roger Myers Jr.: You literally JUST blew up your last one with a hydrogen bomb.
Quimby: I have no memory of that. Anyway, we think Itchy and Scratchy would make a wonderful theme.
Quimby: We'll give you prime real estate, and free labor from my easily-exploited constituents.
Roger Myers Jr.: There's no way the voters would be dumb enough to approve this plan.
Quimby: *laughs for twenty minutes*

Task: Make Springfielders Petition for a Theme Park [x5]
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall or Simpson House

On Homer's job start:
Homer: I'm being exploited!

On Apu's job start:
Apu: On some level, I know this is a bad idea!

On Bart's job start:
Bart: Working for free!

On job end:
Roger Myers Jr.: What a bunch of idiots.
Quimby: They sure are. God, I love them.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 2

Auto starts

Quimby: If we don't build ourselves a new theme park, then the nuclear bombs win!
Homer: Woo! Pride!
Quimby: With this project, we will create hundreds of *cough* *cough* unpaid *cough* backbreaking jobs!
Homer: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Task: Place Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate
Task: Build Bart's Tree House

On job start:
Quimby: I now pronounce Itchy & Scratchy Land…open!
Homer: Blow it up!
Quimby: No, you idiot! Not for a few years!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 3

Bart starts

Bart: Hey, dummy, you opened a park with no rides.
Quimby: That's why admission is so cheap, only forty-five dollars!
Bart: At that price, I can afford to take the wife and kids! It's a great time to be a ten-year-old father of two.
Quimby: Here comes our first ride now. Look alive, Sky Finger!

Task: Place Injury 500
Task: Move Injury 500 Long Track to Fill Track Gap
Task: Make Springfielders Staff Rides [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Injury 500, Log Ride or Zoominator
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP
Note: For the 2nd task, move the track that is not aligned to align it to the rest of the tracks till the animations play. If you notice lag in game due to animation, then move it back so it doesn't start the building animation.

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: Stupid tourists. Hey, idiots, way to come from a place I don't!
Quimby: Zip it, Simpson. Those tourists are willing to drop hundreds on cheap, worthless park souvenirs.
Homer: Not if I buy them first!

Task: Tap Park Visitors [x10]
Task: Tap Park Visitors in Other Springfields [x3]

Quimby: Rather than hire teenagers to wear walk-around costumes, we'll use science to actually bring Itchy and Scratchy to life.
Quimby: Using this smoky, terrifying machine, Professor Frink can animate cartoon cells into living Itchies and Scratchies.
Quimby: But first, perhaps he'd like to issue a dire warning on the dangers of playing God.
Professor Frink: Why? Are you actually going to listen?
Quimby: Well, no.
Professor Frink: Just press the big red button and doom us all, already.

Quest reward: Itchy

Itchy: Hee hee hee! Here, kitty, kitty!
Scratchy: Aaaaaah!

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 5

Itchy starts

Itchy: *maniacal laughter* Itchy LOVE stabby!
Marge: The adorable mouse is stabbing everyone in sight!
Professor Frink: What a shock. If only someone had warned us.
Itchy: It okay! Me use big needle and thread and sew them up good as new!
Marge: That only works in your stupid, sadistic cartoon, you nutcase!
Itchy: Whoa, whoa. “Stupid”? “Nutcase”? For crying out loud...words hurt, lady.

Task: Build Nurse's Station
Task: Make Itchy Threaten Everyone
Time: 4h

Itchy: All dem people good as new! Ready for more stabby!

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 6

Quimby starts

Quimby: No telling what a murder rate of one in three will mean for our “Theme Park Monthly” rating.
Roger Myers Jr.: The network is not happy. They're sending one of their top executives to take control.
Quimby: We're saved!
Roger Myers Jr.: What? Network ratings have been declining for decades. You think a TV exec can fix anything?
Roger Myers Jr.: But they are WORLD-CLASS in blame avoidance.
Roger Myers Jr.: If there's a scapegoat out there we can pin this whole debacle on, trust me, she'll find it.
Quimby: We're saved!

Task: Unlock Diane

Diane: I'm hungry. Assemble a focus group to tell me what I want for lunch.

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Itchy-Est Place on Earth Pt. 7

Diane starts

Diane: We've got a reanimated nightmare rodent slaughtering at will. How is that playing with the eighteen to forty-nine-year-olds?
Quimby: Um... bad?
Diane: Call a town meeting. We have to get ahead of this thing, let the audience know that WE know we've let them down.
Diane: Then, we announce that we’re bringing back “Mabel”, the beloved nineteen-nineties sitcom. Boom! Crisis averted.
Quimby: My God, you're wonderful.

Task: Make Springfielders Gather for a Meeting
Time: 4h
Location: Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate
Task: Make Diane Avoid Blame [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Itchy and Scratchy Land Gate

Diane: Itchy, thank you for coming in. Let me say what a huge fan I am.
Itchy: Stabby stabby?
Diane: Love it! Listen, how would you like your own one-hour weekday show on my network?
Diane: You'd need to promise to stop the killing. Just until sweeps.
Itchy: Can Itchy's bandleader be Chris Daughtry?
Diane: I'll set it up. He's a personal friend.
System Message: You have completed the Act 1 story! Keep Springfielders working the attractions and collecting from Park Visitors, Act 2 starts soon!

Quest reward: 200 Event Currency and 20 XP

Itching All Over

Auto starts

Task: Collect Foam Knives [x3000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Injury Five-Oh Pt. 1

Bart starts

Bart: It's getting a little dull in here. How about we build a second ride?
Quimby: We COULD do that. OR, we could make a slight, cost-effective improvement to our existing ride.
Bart: That would be AMAZING! Gosh, there's nothing that excites us kids more than efficient park management!
Quimby: Your sarcasm is noted.

Task: Craft Injury 500 Road
Task: Place Injury 500 Road in Amusement Bonus Area

Quimby: No criticizing the mayor until you're eighteen.

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

Injury Five-Oh Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Reach 10% Amusement Bonus
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

Injury Five-Oh Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Reach 15% Amusement Bonus
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

Injury Five-Oh Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Reach 20% Amusement Bonus
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

Bart's Injury 500 Go For a Ride Dialogue

Auto start

Bart: I'm practicing a skill that will be obsolete in our fully-automated near future!
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  • No bonuts until the prize track is finished. That's a bummer.
  • Hi I am stuck I placed the injury 500 but did not get the long tracks to make it animated I only received one track. I cannot move on any further it's driving me mad please help I cannot make Bart go on the ride because it is not complete. Please help
  • You need to craft the missing track tiles.
    At minimum you need Injury 500, 4 corners and 1long track or 2 small tracks in order to get it animated.
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