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Itchiest place part 7 glitch

“Make Diane avoid blame”. She simply doesn’t come off her task. If you tap on the gate to view it won’t allow you to put anyone to work and it won’t shut down the pop up for the gate.


  • Didn't happen to me.
  • Have you tried tapping directly on Diane? @hot4daryldixon
    This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure.
  • I can’t see her, she’s in the itchy and scratchy entrance. I have other boards, she’s only trapped on this one and it’s literally stopped me from doing anything on the board. I haven’t yet tried ending her task with donuts although it says she’s done but the donut amount says 2 beside her.
  • I had a similiar issue with the "making frenamies" and was able to fix it. My issue was I had Diane in the I&S Gate and a bunch of Springfielders at the I&S Gate.

    I'm pretty sure what fixes it was tapping on the task icon and "go to" for send Springfielders to apply for jobs - in your case "attend a meeting" (which was listed at 0/5 - despite everyone being done). Once I was there I sent a few Springfielders back on the same (completed) job, and then noticed everyone streaming out - I'm not sure if it happened once I hit "go to" or sent Springfielders on their jobs.

    Other things I did before this that may have had an effect: moved and rotated 90 degrees the I&S Gate, cleared other random Springfielders not at gate and sent them on tasks.

    Good luck, I hope you can fix it!

    (Clicking go to on Diane just froze my game and reinstalling did nothing)
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