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Itchy and Scratchy Land gate glitch

anyone else have this?

Everytime I log in, it's frozen. I just cleared the task to send springfielders to the 4 hour task to start this Act 2 and now it's frozen there. Everytime I close the app it brings me right back to where they all are done (I can clear them all over again)


  • Brabsel
    682 posts Member
    Do you get the resources over and over again? If yes exploit it first ;)

    Apart from that I guess uninstalling and reinstalling would be your best bet.
  • Yeah keep getting all that cash over and over
  • Try storing a building associated with a character stuck in the gate. Maybe that will break the cycle.
  • tk102
    6 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    I have the same glitch too, where a ton of my characters are trapped at the gate. Clicking the gate after clearing them just freezes. I tried un-installing and re-installing, and that did not work. I also stored Akira's building, and still nothing. :/ I have no idea how to fix this.

    Update: Literally < 1 min after I posted this, I fixed it! So what I did was I cleared out the characters from the Gate. Then, the character that was displayed in the character finder (upper left) was Akira. I stored The Happy Sumo (Akira's building), and so Akira's picture was replaced with Bart's. I close the app and re-opened it. I cleared out the characters from the Gate again, and finally everyone left. Try that and see if it works!
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