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Parade Buildings and Parade **SPOILERS**



  • bluntcard
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    EA you need to do a patch to keep KL, Itchy Scratchy stuff within our theme-park areas, via KL roads, or something else. That includes the I/S robots, mascots, parade characters, etc. Please unlock the restrictions as what can and can't be placed on KL roads or not, so we can place things were we like. Thanks!
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  • Does the two buildings have income and the same goes for those NPCs?

    Mine are $500/45 Xp 4 hour task. NPC are 0.

  • JJR2112 wrote: »
    Thanks. How do these work? The spoiler page has them listed as characters but I can't imagine that they are all individually assignable.
    The items when inactive, park themselves in front of their respective buildings. When they’ve been activated (Tap building to start the 4 hour task) they randomly roam around.
    Note: mine are confined to a very small area. (NPCs seem to like the road and avoid cobble stones)

  • ^do they like the dirt paths?
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  • Cyanide-Tipped
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    ^do they like the dirt paths?

    I haven't tested that yet but it might just work if you're thinking what I think you are thinking... :p
  • wiedmannaj
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    Grumpstown wrote: »
    i just want to add more npcs to the parade :( please ea, there are so many npcs, and some of those would really match the parade, like the itchy and scratchy robots and those mascots from KL. we could also include all robot npcs (stagelight, cleatus, the funzos) and other mascots (goofball and the egg-suit guy).

    and next event, please give us an zoo-type parade where we could add all of our npc animals :)

    Cleatus is not an NPC.
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  • hatchet669
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