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Springfielders stuck in 'Focus Group New Rides' task

I completed the 'Focus Group New Rides' task, and while the 8 hr itchy task was still in progress, I sent characters on 4 hr tasks using the unemployment office. It apparently sent them on this task again.

When Itchy's 8 hr task was complete, it moved me to the 2nd task for act 2. However, the 260+ characters that were on 'Focus Group New Rides' task are still locked into that task. Every time I enter my Springfield, there is a long line of thumbs up on the Itchy & Scratchy gate, which clear and collect, but the characters are unavailable to be used.

Town hall still has them as on the 'Focus Group New Rides' task. When I open the Itchy & Scratchy Gate, it shows Lisa on the bottom, as complete, and as soon as I open the gate the game locks up and I cannot do anything.

Force closing the game allows me back in, but the characters are still locked into t he task. The game has been deleted and re-installed. This occurs both on a Pixel 2 (android) phone, and a Kindle Fire 8 tablet.

Any ideas/options? I've sent a EA bug report so waiting on that.


  • 11EEvey
    2591 posts Member
    Try storing a building associated with a character stuck in the gate. Maybe that will break the cycle.
  • That won't clear the characters that don't have buildings. and there are 260+ characters locked into the task.

    It might clear some of them, but not all, and if it continues to lock the game up when i open the arch, it wont allow me to progress in the event.
  • I have the same issue. Characters stuck in task and game locks when I click on the gate.
  • I seem to have cleared it. I clicked on the task in the bottom left and then sent a couple more springfielders on the focus group task. The task then completed and part 2 started.

  • I stored a few buildings that had characters on the task, placed them back out and restarted. This cleared the problem, but somewhere in the mix of this I lost my IRS building.

    I group stored some of the buildings to yank the characters out (recovering from complete nuke so everything is a mess anyway) and My IRS building got group stored with other stuff. When I put that group store back out, the IRD building did not get placed for some reason. I found it in inventory, and it said 'View' (in red) instead of use. I couldn't take it out of inventory to place it. Game restart, and now the IRS building is not in Springfield nor in my storage(not in group storage, building storage, business storage, or the general item storage from when you first open up inventory.
  • Kevinleah’s version worked for me! Was enough to click the task icon at the bottom left and send somone on the same mission again.
    Don’t do what I did and send all again (don’t know why I did it..) because the next quest is to send people to the gate to do the usual 4hr missions to get event-currency! =/
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