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New log ride won’t start?

Please help? My log ride won’t animate? All track pieces have triple checked and all are connected. Am I missing a start-up? Sorry for the bother...


  • I would make sure on edit mode that no little red squares are showing up. If you see one the track isn’t truly aligned

    Other than that...
  • Yeah, thanks, I did that a dozen times now, even moved a few things around, everything green piece by piece, no red blocks at all and everything is connected. When it’s done does homer or marge need to be free from being in a job to start it? They were both on the gate job when I finished it?
  • Just has to be aligned. I have found it harder to see the red squares in the log ride than the injury 500.
  • I hope you figure it out @kennedy6988 and when you do you'll need this to tell you to disconnect it https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/221723/running-so-slow
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  • I have had this problem, too. After many tries I found out that if you place the log ride entry horizontal the log ride entry needs to be outside of your circle otherwise the animytion will not start although all tiles are connected correctly.
  • Some images from my town.
    The initial set up when you get the log ride, in build mode. 20 small squares by 15 small squares.
    Each piece moved so that they are 2 small squares apart.
    How it should look when built.
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  • 4junk3000
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    Thanks @Muhsterino for that visual demo.

    I'm waiting on my last piece, the big loop, to finally animate my log ride. 4 more hrs.... It BETTER animate!! Lol l
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  • I had this same issue @kennedy6988... overly assured that all pieces were connected and would not animate. I moved the ride entry to face the interior of the loop and just like that it’s up and running. You can not have the entry piece facing exterior the loop.
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