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Struggles to get new characters

I was wondering if Tapped out could put new characters in the middle of the acts rather than putting them last to get. I always don’t make it to the last prize when the game has acts, even when I play for hours


  • The only time I remember a character in the middle of the prize track was the rare occasion that there was more then one. It is unfortunate for players like you but I doubt it will change after all these years. There is always the option to buy them with donuts...
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  • Willy9292
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    There have been many events that have been hard for freemium players to complete but the acts are longer and most people seem to be able to get through now. What level are you, do you have any premium Characters and how often do you play. Have you checked the calendar to see how you are doing, and the great tips thread. It will be important to maximize your collecting to get through the prize track.
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  • Try checking in every 4 hours 4-5 times a day to send your characters on event related tasks, you'll be able to finish all the acts ahead of time, guaranteed
  • 4junk3000
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    Obviously their objective is to make you crave that final character enough, that you'll spend real money to get it if you can't grind enough to earn it. This is how they make money.

    But don't forget, any character you don't earn, will likely be released again in the future. It seems everything has come back around for rerelease, so don't stress too much.

    Have fun with the game and try not to fall victim to their psychological warfare. They want you to become addicted, and crave every new feature. They know it affects our brain EXACTLY like CRACK. Fight it. As a freemium player, I've been fighting it for five years. Good luck
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