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TIP: insufficient storage on Android?

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Hi all,

I just discovered a solution for insufficient storage on my Android tablet, and want to share with you, maybe it will help if you haven't tried it.

The Play Store has been telling me i need to delete apps before i can download any more content.

I've gone through my files, even connecting to PC, trying to find stuff to delete. But i simply wasn't making a dent.

I found a tip online that worked. Here it is:

Open your device's SETTINGS app, then go to the STORAGE section.
Select the CACHED DATA segment. It should immediately prompt you with the choice to clear the data. DO IT.

I had 7gig being used by this cache. I blew it out, opened my game, and noted nothing unusual, like any new downloading to replace what i deleted. So it's obviously unnecessary stuff in there. It clearly has nothing to do with the app data section, which i only had about 4gig used.

7gig recovered just like that! I can finally download new apps again.

Hopefully this helps some of you.
Happy tapping!
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  • Most of that was was probably Chrome. But ya, good tip.
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  • Cache does need to be emptied periodically. Its only temp data.
  • KrustyBrand
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    Good tip.
  • daved7637397
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    Very good tip. I too learned this lesson the hard way, except I had to go to the store to complain about my phone not working properly. Boy did I feel stupid when I left (with good reason)
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  • 4junk3000
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    hatchet669 wrote: »
    Cache does need to be emptied periodically. Its only temp data.

    Being that it was preventing me from downloading new apps, one would think it should be included in the Google play app's tool for reclaiming space. I've run that many times and it only suggests uninstalling existing apps.

    I'm looking forward to reinstalling many apps I've deleted to allow a TSTO update.
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • I don't have a tablet. Would think they would have the same device maintenance they have on the galaxy phones, but i guess not. I know the older phones you had to do this manually. Well live and learn. Now you got a new trick to save space.
  • Great tip thank you :)
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  • Thanks for the tip OP!
    Had a grand total of 1.6MB in the cache of the services app. :smiley:
    But since it was mentioned here, I decided to check Chrome and saved almost 1GB!
  • 168sean168
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    Samsung hp implemented this under device maintenance, I carried it out regularly too
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