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Anyone find it annoying that all characters keep getting the same 5 tasks

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4hr - Overpay for sex on the beach
4hr - Stay at the Swelldorado
4hr - Try to win at Blackjack
4hr - Drink and Babysit
8hr - Dance the Senor Burns

Variety is the key of life


  • 8hr - Attend Wizarding School

    I really hope they could rearrange the priority of the task lists. Jeremy Jailbird & Wendell Borton always go to "magic school" instead of doing their visual task when i send everyone on 8 hr task using unemployment office :v
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Yea I know. The kids get that wizard school task too & few others. It’s pretty annoying
  • If they're going to give us permanent tasks with new buildings, they should have different lengths (could still use some buildings with 12hr and 60min tasks) and they should never be prioritized above a character's own permanent tasks.
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