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Bloodmobile farming SHOCK!

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These messages popped up and really scared the bejesus outa me!!! :#

I usually buy and then sell so don't stack them up ... but because my group highlight function is very sticky I've been plonking them everywhere!

I've never seen this message pop up before! :p

... thEAy are onto us... :o
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  • Yes, they added that message awhile ago.

    Why do you prefer bloodmobiles over rat trap trucks?
  • Willy9292
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    That message has been around for a long time...had it months ago...
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  • 0Brooders0
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    @stinkbugger I find rat trap trucks boot me out of the game and I lose xp and bonuts. Bloodmobiles I can buy tons at a time no problem :)

    I've never seen the messages before lol :D
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  • 4junk3000
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    edited June 2018
    I've seen it once, at least a month ago. Gave me the impression they're making changes to the game, to counter the effects of farming, rather than banning it outright. I don't like farming but i can't ignore the opportunity if they are. I see it as a small gift to long term players, because it takes some time to build the necessary bonus. They may also recognize that free premium stuff for long term players keeps them from quitting, which benefits new players too

    Has anyone done a race with a new town to a particular percentage? Like 500%? I wonder how long that would take if it was a primary objective.
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  • Jonalinn
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    That message has been around for a very long time (years?) I remember what it was like when I first saw it too ;)

    Reference: https://forums.ea.com/en/discussion/78418/bloodmobile-easter-egg
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  • Muhsterino
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    This message was introduced in the level 60 update, May 2016:
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