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How to rebuild IRS

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As I seem to be permanently effected by the "glitch", I read on a thread here that there was a way to get rid of your current IRS building, and start over with it. Yes, you would have to go through the rebuilding process again, but at least it restored the tap radius for those of us who have to live with the glitch forever.

Can someone post (or point me to) a detailed instruction on how to do this?


  • Muhsterino
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    Joshirot1 wrote: »
    I do not know if this tip was made somewhere, but there is a possibel methode (for the people the not an Rollback want to have ) to restore the tip radius. For this, you have to put the IRS building in the Heights, and build the IRS building with 3 existing Heights buildings and save them as a group. Now the IRS building should have disappeared from the Springfield and the inventory, and you can buy it again in the store. A disadvantage is that you have to upgrade the IRS again to the max level.
    I found it in this thread, there are further comments after the one above, near the top of page 31.

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  • Thank you @Muhsterino ! That is the one I was looking for.

    So, here were my results: I grouped the IRS building with three other heights condos, and stored them as a group. The IRS building (and from as far as I can tell, the condos as well) went poof and disappeared. I couldn't find the IRS building to re-purchase, but after doing a complete game and app shutdown (I'm on Android) and restarting the game, the IRS building was once again available for purchase.

    I bought it, spent a ton of cash to upgrade it fully (again), and sure enough, my tap radius is back to its glorious largeness.

    Now, I could almost live with the "glitch" if we could find away to get the character button in the top-right corner to work again.
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