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Any ideas on what to do with stadium and colosseum in combo?



  • BangkokJohn
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  • maciesdad
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    The "Springfield Sports Complex"

  • dischia
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  • akmedtdt
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    I was thinking of creating a single shared parking lot and concession stands for a sports complex (not knowing Baltimore had a concept like that already) :mrgreen:

  • nefariouszeros
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    I put the duff brewery next to duff stadium to create a kind of Camden Yards feel.
  • edited June 2013
    Took some liberties with "Springfield Park" and made it into a Springfield Sports Park. The two stadiums are inside of a larger park at opposing 90 degree angles so that the entrances face the center of the park. The two are separated by a 6-story parking garage using the fence-stacking 3D effect and constructed from the same purple bricks as the surrounding Springfield Park walls. The coliseum has a t-shirt vendor outside while Duff Stadium is selling bats (both courtesy of the Whacking Day event). The remainder of the park is comprised of flora, fountains, lamps, benches, and "paved" sidewalk effects created by placing road squares one-at-a-time. The entire complex took up a 14 x 14 square, but I had the space available, so I used it.
  • simbass7
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    That's my set
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