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Task Oriented vs. Character Oriented

As I was going through all my characters today I noticed each character list of the major characters is getting longer and longer and it doesn't help now that the Krustyland tasks are included. Scrolling through some of them to find the right task is a pain. I think it would be wise to switch over to Task Oriented. Open up all the tasks to all the characters, have a task list to choose from and let us decide which character does which task. I can't think of any reason why Grandpa can't ride the Zoominator or go to Moe's for a beer. Even the babies go to Moe's. Keep the event tasks like they are, but when the event is done put the tasks in the task list for all the characters to do. Yes I know that there are some tasks that will always be character driven, but the majority of the characters should be able to other tasks that aren't character driven. Just my thoughts.


  • It’d be nice if the mechanics applied to the opera stage, amphitheater, moon bounce etc were applied to every building. I often task characters to buildings/animated items, but yeah, it’s becoming a chore.
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