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event down time premium buy dilemma

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edited July 2018
so as ther is downtime and I have the donuts , I'm finally tempted to pull the trigger on 150-200 donut spend . I love the idea of unkie Herb but he's expensive and doesn't come with the Homer. Luanne and the cracker Factory us option 2 for me , I know she has the fleet a pita questline too so probably good value . option 3 is maison derriere as I like that Belle has a 4 hour visual task and also a 12 hour open air stage task , which i would utilise often .

any suggestions on which to choose or throw me a curve ball with another suggestion ?

I could afford all but only want one as want to save up donuts for the next event , I go on 3 weeks hols shortly so womt be KEM farming for best part of a month.

thanks to all who may read this :)


  • 74hands
    464 posts Member
    In my book, option 2. As you say, good value and multiple plot lines, decent animation. Defo not option 1. Maison Derrière has in the past regularly appeared in deals and will back again, no doubt.
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  • simpsonare
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    I'd say number 1 is the best. Powell motors is a great building visual in town and herb is a cool character.
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  • thanks to you both :) it's funny how people can have such differing opinions yet all make sense. I'let you know what decision I make haha .
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