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Thinking about turning my entire Springfield into an amusement park

Well, maybe not...it would take hours and I'd have to blow up the town, but all the weird things would suddenly have uses:

1. All the future items could go together with the foreign-country items to create an "EFCOT" Center (with the sphere at the entrance.
2. All of the superhero and past era items, as well as the Mad Max stuff, could go together in a Movie Studio theme park.
3. The holiday themed items could form one or more holiday theme parks.
4. Itchy & Scratchy Land could be on its own.
5. A lot of regular items could be "Main Street USA" like in Disney World, along with the castles and the main Krustyland rides and Duff Gardens.
6. All alien-related things could be in their own part of the park.
7. The Fort Springfield and outdoors stuff would be Adventureland.
8. There is already a monorail to join everything together.

It's very tempting, especially considering there is no update for a while right now.

For the record, I'm still irritated about not being able to just buy land expansions anymore. I have about $1 billion in in-game cash that is totally useless to me right now.


  • But what would you do with buildings like the church or Simpsons house?
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  • meinaz
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    I like the idea. I would then use Springfield Heights for the regular buildings that won't fit into the park.
  • Rosshk
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    I've updated it since then, and I'm currently incorporating more.
  • @tcsima -

    My Springfiled is kind of being set up that way. I have a FutureWorld, a Westworld, a Haunted Springfield/Halloweentown, Christmastown, and several countries. I’m still working on some areas, including what I’m considering ‘official’ Springfield. More countries and holiday areas, as well as Capital City will be done eventually.

    As for that billion dollars in cash, I recently rediscovered my XP collider tucked away in Frink’s Compound. I turned it on and started buying Rat Trap Delivery trucks, based on great advice in another thread. I’ve turned the cash that was sitting there into about 3,000 donuts so far. I’m working on getting my bonus percentage up, while also saving up for the next event.
  • bluntcard
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    So, just build a large amusement park. Why your whole town?
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  • I've been working on this on a smaller scale, not the whole town. but it did make things make more sense than before
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  • For years I’ve whined that all those castles should be able to be placed in Krustyland. Now they can be.

    However my forests, mountains, deserts are not going to be an Adventureland - they’ll remain as a wilderness
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