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Moe's Ark Teaser: Guide

Disgruntled Producer

Roger Myers Jr.: I'm sick of you ignoring my meeting requests, Diane. How dare you treat me like I'm irrelevant!
Diane: You poor thing. We only exploited a few of your intellectual properties. One must first be relevant before one can become irrelevant.
Roger Myers Jr.: That's it! You bled me dry, but you forgot one unforgettable star in my cartoon crew.
Roger Myers Jr.: And once his popularity takes off, you'll be begging to have Frink bring him back to life!

Task: Place Disgruntled Goat
Task: Make Youngsters Engage With Literally Anything Else [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary or Brown House

Roger Myers Jr.: Hey, on second thought, let’s forget about the Disgruntled Goat. I'll sign away the rights to everything now and take my small fortune in peace.
Diane: Sorry, Roger. Guess kids don't love cartoon animals... unless they brutally murder each other in nice, tight five-minute segments.
System Message: Cartoon animals might be a thing of the past, but what about real ones? Find out what new attraction is coming to Springfield soon!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Changes: none


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