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Houses... Slum lording your way to riches and exp a tutorial. Please comment if you find this of use

I have seen many questions about which houses and how many to make, as well as seeing some interesting designs in friends towns. When I first started playing I was waiting for my son to be born so had little to do. After he was born I still had little I could do without being able to serve his immediate needs immediately, so tapped out worked well.

Now the math.
Springfield is a grid 13x13 squares. Because even slum lords have standards I limited my slums to a horizontal 3x13 row, which incidentally is the max size to tap all houses on a zoomed out ipad while only scrolling horizontally.

I started out with purple houses as I had the time to check often. At 1100 to build and earning 600 per day, they pay for themselves in just under 2 days. In the 13x3 grid you can fit 236 purple houses with a small plot left over for a heart pond and tree or two, which gets you 17700 per visit with 1652 Xp. A daily total of 141600 cash and 13216 Xp, if you visit every three hours like clock work. The initial cash outlay to build them was 259600 not counting land cost.

As my son grew to toddler I could not check as often, so I needed a way to minimize lost money. White houses were the answer. White houses are smaller so the 13x3 grid holds 416 perfectly. At 7700 per house earning 400 per day, they pay for themselves in just under 20 days. Visiting twice a day nets you 166400 with 16640 Xp. The initial investment is 3,203,200 not counting land cost. As such I had my 13x3 purple slums running till I completed my white slums.

The real key is what if life happens and you only manage to hit Springfield once a day. Purple slums get you 17,700 with 1,652 xp where white slums get you 83,200 with 8,320 xp. This is a very significant difference. After my white slums were done I put all but 1 purple house, so fat tony can get rid of a problem, in storage as selling them back gets you very little and you never know when you might want an extra 236 houses generating Santa coins or something, wink wink. This also freed up my initial 13x3 grid for proper town building.

All these numbers do not reflect any bonuses you may have from burning bushes etcetera. Also keep in mind you get Xp for building each building which helps you level up faster. The sooner you build a house the sooner it starts paying itself off and making income. My initial 13x3 were the top rows where as my white 13x3 are the bottom rows so as to make for a prettier Springfield.
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