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Moe's Ark: Act 1 Walkthrough

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We Stole a Zoo Pt. 1

Auto starts

Marge: It's a beautiful summer day and we have no family outing planned?!
Lisa: You're right. There was nothing in any of our group texts or family calendar. Let’s come up with a plan!
Marge: Why not do the thing every family does to pretend they still love being together... go to the zoo!
Bart: Homer’s an ape but we don't have a zoo.
Marge: Then there’s only one thing to do -- we must demand a zoo!

Task: Make Simpsons Family Demand a Zoo [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall or Brown House

Mrs. Quimby: Joe, the rabble are rousing again. They're chanting "We want a zoo!" over and over.
Quimby: Any funds for a zoo went to the apology furs I bought you. I suppose families could tour your closet to see minks, foxes, and cheetahs.
Mrs. Quimby: Sweetie, I'm afraid you're going to have to act more responsibly than that.
Quimby: I've got it, we're nuking... the education department's budget!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 2

Auto starts

Moe: Alright, who ordered a drunk Emu? This ain't a drink! I got a real drunk Emu here. I might be responsible for the “drunk” part. We gotta get it in a pen before it sobers up.
Quimby: The animals are already arriving?! We haven't even built the first enclosure yet. Or found the tools to build it.

Task: Place Springfield Zoo Entrance
Task: Place The Emu Experience

Quimby: Ostentatious entrance, check. Emus, check. Great start, Springfielders! What else does a zoo need?
Mrs. Quimby: How ‘bout filing for bankruptcy? We've run out of funding.
Quimby: Time to do what we always do in times of crisis -- nuke another city program. Health care? Homeless housing? So many wonderful choices.
Larry Kidkill: Hold the cuts, Quimby. We still have some creative options to explore for acquiring those funds.

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 3

Auto starts

Quimby: So, what did you have in mind, Larry? Laundering? Gambling? Laundering AND Gambling?!
Larry Kidkill: Nope, we're doing this legit. Bureaucracy will be our ally this day.
Quimby: *shiver* Did anyone else feel a cold draft? No? Just me? Sorry, legally compliant paperwork terrifies me.
Larry Kidkill: Relax, Joe, I'll handle the paperwork. All we need are a couple of kind-hearted volunteers and then we can go full non-profit.
Larry Kidkill: We’ll collect tax-free grants from Federal environmental programs. And voila! Instant zoo!

Task: Make Larry Kidkill Wisely Navigate Bureaucracy
Time: 6s
Task: Make Springfielders Volunteer at The Emu Experience [x3]
Time: 6s
Location: The Emu Experience
Task: Place Zoo Wall

Lisa: What's worse: the TV execs running our theme parks, or the corporate shills exploiting an easy loophole in our tax codes?
Bart: I'm gonna go with TV execs.
Lisa: At least this time we're treating the animals humanely.

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 4

Auto starts

Zoo Visitor 1: Where are the bathrooms in this zoo?
Zoo Visitor 2: And the food kiosks!
Poacher: Or the gates on the animal enclosures?!
Quimby: Er, um, uh-oh.
Lisa: Won't the animals escape?!
Quimby: Escape to where? Springfield? That’s a horrible place to live.

Task: Tap Zoo Visitors
Task: Tap Zoo Visitors in Other Springfield
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 5

Auto starts

Larry Kidkill: Good news! If we relocate any invasive species we find the State will give us additional funding!
Homer: Woo hoo! I say the first invasive species we get rid of are zoo guests!
Bart: Ya, they're super annoying. Especially when they're blocking my view of the invasive animals.
Larry Kidkill: Don't worry, I got a plan for that too. Man, I'm full of solutions today.

Task: Place Animal Feeding Area
Task: Use Animal Feeding Area
Task: Send Invasive Tadpoles to Other Springfield

On 2nd task end:
Marge: They could have just installed a PA system to announce when the zoo is closing. Why let a tiger loose?

On jobs end:
Lisa: Because it's more fun to see people run for the exits from a tiger!
Marge: And you're okay with this?
Lisa: As long as the animals' quality of life is better here than out in the wild, I'm happy.

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 6

Auto starts

Homer: *yawn* This zoo is lame. It's no better than Moe's exotic petting zoo shenanigans from Christmas.
Moe: Since when is smuggling illegal exotic animals shenanigans?
Wiggum: “Shenanigans” covers a lot of crimes -- jaywalking, murder… It’s a lot less paperwork if everything’s lumped under that.
Moe: Well, my smuggling days are over.
Wiggum: I could look the other way on this one. Ralphie loves the big cats. The kid really likes his head licked.

Task: Unlock and Place Big Cat Country
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 7

Auto starts

Larry Kidkill: This zoo is missing something.
Homer: More animals? Space ice cream?!
Larry Kidkill: No, more children. We need children in the park to draw the adults into the gift shop.
Moe: Wait, that’s gonna cut into my bar business.
Moe: If a kid comes into my joint and makes it to the bar, they're getting a beer. Them's the rules.

Task: Unlock Brittany Brockman
Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 10 XP

We Stole a Zoo Pt. 8

Auto starts

Larry Kidkill: What do you rate my zoo, on a scale of one to ten? Ten being the only number I want to hear.
Brittany Brockman: You call this a zoo? Where's the face painters, the smell of burnt kettle corn, the penny flattener thingie?!
Larry Kidkill: Oof, with all the focus on getting animals we forgot about the side attractions!
Larry Kidkill: What else do demanding kids demand in their zoo?

Task: Make Youngsters Demand More Things [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Zoo Entrance

Larry Kidkill: That was an eye-opener. We need to up our stock on fidget spinners and USB charging stations.
Homer: But what about animals? We don't even have a hilarious camel that spits at people.
Larry Kidkill: Animals are on the backburner until I find out what "lit" means and how to get it.
System Message: You have completed the Act 1 story! Keep Springfielders volunteering at the habitats and collecting from Zoo Visitors!

Quest reward: 200 Event Currency and 20 XP

Feed the Need

Auto starts

Task: Collect Animal Feed [x4000]
Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts
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