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Items present but not displaying



  • Resolved.

    Thanks E.A.
  • And BROKEN again with 3/12/19 update!!!

    Please revert whatever you fixed prior to that update!

    Thanks EA!
  • cwc459437
    1 posts New member
    Agreed, mine broke again after downloading the new content.
  • Yep, broken again. What a total joke EA are.
  • SzymaaX
    2 posts New member
    +1 broken again.

    Wonder if the fix had something to do with the skyfinger glitches people reported
  • SzymaaX wrote: »
    +1 broken again.

    Wonder if the fix had something to do with the skyfinger glitches people reported

    I'm not sure what's caused it. I think I'm going to open a ticket on it. I already have a topic on the support page, replying that the issue has returned.

    One thing I did notice this time, that was similar to the Zoo Event update back in August 2018 which caused the initial glitch, was my opening screen. During initialization, the picture of Springfield and sky finger were about a quarter of the screen located in the top left corner, but Homer was full size. The rest of the screen was black. Once the update started downloading, the screen reverted back to the original size.

    I dunno.

    EA fixed it in the last event update, somehow. I'm hopeful that they can do it again, fairly quickly.
  • Just a heads up to other Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 players...

    I opened up a ticket with EA (and spoke with a rep in San Antonio) who is going to pass along the reappearance of the issue.

    He also suggested that I reach out to EA_Blueberry on the thread I created on EA Answers Click here for thread

    One thing the San Antonio rep did mention was the importance of using EA Answers to submit issues and bugs. He told me that those boards have support folks, including programmers and developers, monitoring them for several hours each day. That's the best way to get it to their attention.
  • Still not fixed. This is so wEAk 😒.
  • I have opened a new case after going back and forth repeating myself a bunch of times this is the answer I just received.

    Thanks for getting back in contact with EA help.

    I'm sorry that you are one of the few people being affected by this "invisible building " glitch in TSTO, on that device.

    As it has been reported as a bug, our studio team will now be fully aware of the issue, however as for a fix, that there is no new updates from them regarding this as of today.

    If you aren't already, please play the game on an alternate device until the team have worked out what is wrong with that particular devices implementation.

    Thanks for reaching out to us here at EA help.

    Kindest regards,

    I was getting so frustrated because each time a rep asked for more information it would end up with a different rep. And then they asked for the same information just in a different way. Hopefully they really fix it this time.
  • Nope. Never did, did they? :/
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