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Buck & Fawn

Has anyone else ....not gotten their Buck & Fawn? I finished, it is checked, but I can't find my Buck & Fawn! Is this a bug or something... That we do everything we suppose to do, they check it off, but we don't receive it?!


  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Click on the Emu building & it’ll let you display different animals
  • Thanks Deadshot DCU! I had been clicking on the Emu building, & they weren't there, nearly all day today, I been trying to find out, why.....There was question marks in there, but now, they finally arrived. Usually, right after you get the proper amount of requirements, you receive your items. Don't know what took them so long, to add it, but I have it now! Thanks for the reply.

  • Just putting this out there, the people at EA are obviously city folk.
    About seven months after mating, a doe will give birth to one to three fawns. The buck does not stay to help raise the fawns—the doe raises them alone. The fawns are able to walk at birth but will stay by their mother for one to two years; females will often stay with their mother longer than males
  • Unless the doe is shot by hunters, leaving the fawn alone in the snow. Then the buck will come out of nowhere and take the fawn to raise him as the next Prince of the Forest.
    My Tapped Out Checklist Update 11/16/23 for the event "Cold Turkey": www.orionsbell.com/springfieldchecklist.html
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