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What I thought was a solution for disappearing bonus donuts, but isn't

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First of all, don't jump with joy just yet. The following might work – or it may not.
Edit: It doesn't work. It was just a fluke that my game temporarily went back to normal. It's broken again today.

The solution is for the problem where if you earn one or two donuts when leveling up, you keep them, but if you earn three they will vanish the next time the game syncs.

What seemed to work for me:
1) When leveling up and getting presented with the bonus donut lottery, don't tap on it. Instead tap your device's home button to suspend the game.
2) Reopen the game. It will reload and should present the bonus donut lottery again. This time, play the lottery to win 3 donuts.
3) Take note of how many donuts you have listed in your game, and go to the friends screen. Now go back to your Springfield. If you haven't lost the 3 donuts, continue testing a few more times to ensure that the bug has indeed run away screaming.

Note that I'm not completely sure this was what fixed it for me, but I did the above deliberately to see if it would get the game to snap out of its misbehavior, and it seemed to be what worked.
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