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Atlantis - out now



  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    Milhouse's Look for a Wife 8h job is in atlantis and permanent

    So he's finally gave up on Lisa then.

    Yay! That means she will go for Nelson.
  • Loanet wrote: »
    One quest for 65 Donuts. Not even a permanent quest. Doesn't change that EA's upping prices for less value. Especially compared to how I just got Florence of Arabia in the Vault. I don't mind EA wanting my money but the things I buy could at least be worth it.

    I find that not buying something that’s not worth it is a good strategy.

  • Atlantis either doesn't have an animation, or it looks very similar whether inhabited or uninhabited. This is not a complaint! It's not! I'm just putting the full info out there for people weighing their donut decisions carefully. I like its look. (and would gladly stay there if it was a hotel).

    this mermaid connection only adds to the Millhouse / Tom Hanks overlap that others have commented on over the years.
  • Minos1453
    3 posts New member
    I like it. It's a good deal now from the Yearbook. But it's the SUNKEN city of ATLANTIS. It should be in the sea. Maybe I'll put it on fancy pier tiles, but thats just not the same as being in the water where it belongs.
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