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Game performance on Samsung Tab A

Could anyone with this device please let me know how well the game plays? I'm needing a new device to play my game on and would really appreciate firsthand experiences with it. Going to be back in Springfield next Friday and hope to be informed on what im getting.


  • Hi. I play on a s7 and a tab a, and I find the tab a very slow and takes ages to collect money etc in my town. It also takes longer to load neighbours towns. Hope this helps. :)
  • Dont have a tab A. Tab 4 and S3. The best advice get the largest memory you can afford. The last event I had to disconnect the rides on my tab 4 to make it playable. My S3 has twice the memory and it barely noticed the lag.
  • simpsonare
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    Yeah, I had my eyes on the latest model (2017) of the Tab A. It looks to definitely surpass the minimun requirement. I'm just hoping for a decent experience and Im not in lag city :confused:
    The one I'm looking at has 2GB of RAM. Not sure how that'd transfer to the game. I think my Note 8 had 4GB of RAM.

    Im really looking through them now! The Tab S2 would probably be the best for the price point. Super Amoled, 3GB of RAM, and packs a much better resolution.
  • I was looking at the S2 for quite a while but the 32k was the only one available. The 128k (as I recall) was discontinued. So I went for the S3
    The only problem may be the oreo operating system (8.0). Great system but tapped programs seem to have ignored the developers notes. It may revert when this event is over
  • I have a Tab A and a large town and the game is still playable but quite laggy. You will want to disable all animations you can (such as the rides in Itchy and Scratchy land) otherwise the game will be too laggy to be playable. My advice would be look at other devices.

    With that said, I have the 8" version. My understanding is the 10" version is more powerful, but I don't know how much so.
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